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Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China

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    Location of Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China

    Centrally located in the heart of Shenzhen’s Yantian district and accessible from two international airports, Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China is a convenient hotels choice in Shenzhen city for travelers. Nearby are shopping malls, restaurants and cultural destinations, as well as an impressive road and public transport infrastructure. 

    Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China

    No. 1015 Hai Jing Er Road, Yantian District Shenzhen China
    Tel: +86 755 8280 8888
    Fax: +86 755 8299 2828

    Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China
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    • Window Of The World

      Home to over 100 replicas of some of the world’s most famous monuments from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal, Window of the World offers a unique day out in Shenzhen. Its daily dance performances are particularly popular.

    • OCT Harbor

      At a whopping 1.25 million square meters, OCT Harbor is a giant of Shenzhen’s retail, tourism, hospitality and cultural scenes. It is home to a waterfront shopping complex, a five-star cinema, theme park and conservation area.

    • Happy Valley’s Mayan Water Park

      For water slides and splish-splashing around in the sun, Shenzhen Happy Valley’s Mayan Water Park comes highly recommended.

    • Sea World Shekou

      An international entertainment hub, with a (landlocked) cruise ship at its heart, Sea World Shekou is home to all manner of pubs, clubs and bars.

    • Taoyuan Clothing City View

      The place to come for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and bags, this six-floor emporium spans a range of prices - and quality.

    • The MIXC

      Possibly Shenzhen’s most luxurious mall, this lifestyle hub also features luxe apartments, a huge cinema and Olympic-sized ice-skating rink.

    • Luohu Commercial City

      Popular with bargain-hunters from neighbouring Hong Kong thanks to its border location, this sprawling shopping complex sells everything from electronics to sunglasses, clothes to toys. Haggling is a must!

    • Dongmen Pedestrian Street

      Shenzhen’s original shopping district, Dongmen Pedestrian Street has been providing retail therapy for almost 300 years. From malls to market stalls, fast food to street snacks, it’s all here!

    • Huaqiang Commercial Center

      Located in Shenzhen’s business district in Shenzhen, Huaqiang Commercial Center is home to a handful of noteworthy restaurants spanning all kinds of Chinese cuisine. 

    • Xiangmi Lake Food Street

      Busy and bustling, Xiangmi Lake Food Street draws huge crowds every evening. Do seek out the famous ‘barbecue square’ for all kinds of piping hot bites.

    • Bagua Lu Snack Street

      A network of nine streets with some thirty restaurants, hungry diners are spoilt for choice on Bagua Lu Snack Street, with Cantonese fare a particularly mouth-watering choice.

    • Dongmen Street Food Night Market

      As night falls, Shenzhen’s shopping haven transforms into a vibrant night market, where vendors specializing in snacks and cuisines of all kinds are on hand to tempt visitors with everything from seafood to smoothies.

    • OCT East

      OCT East packs a lot into its 9 square kilometers! Comprising two theme parks, three scenic towns, eight hotels, and two 18-hole golf courses, this ecological resort has a quiet side too, best experienced at the Buddhist Huaxing Temple.

    • Xiaomeisha Seaworld

      With no fewer than nine aquariums and two museums, Xiaomeisha Seaworld is home to aquatic creatures large and small. From whales and sharks, to crustaceans and molluscs, the park offers a glimpse into the past, present and future of the world’s oceans.

    • Guanlan Shanshui Tianyuan Tourism Culture Garden

      Days out don’t get more diverse than a trip to Guanlan Shanshui Tianyuan Tourism Culture Garden! Home to a water park, restaurant, hot springs and more, the multifunctional venue is located next to Junzi Lake, and its stunning scenery is best enjoyed by boat.

    • Golden Sands Bay

      A clear contender for Shenzhen’s loveliest beach, Golden Sands lives up to its name with a 2.5 kilometer bay, backed by mountains blanketed in greenery.

    • The Shenzhen Golf Club

      One of China’s earliest golf clubs, this gem of a course offers 27 holes designed to meet international standards. As you’d expect, there are also all the additional facilities budding golfers might require, from shops to restaurants and bars.

    • Shenzhen Safari Park

      The first free-roaming park in China, Shenzhen Safari Park is home to pandas, Asian elephants, Siberian tigers, and giraffes. Meanwhile, ‘Ocean World’ introduces visitors to an astonishing array of sea creatures, including dolphins, sea lions and sharks.

    • Longgang Botanical Gardens

      Positioned around a central glittering lake, Longgang Gardens covers some 3,000 acres and is home to around 4,000 species of plants, of which 1,000 are tropical and subtropical.

    • Xichong Beach

      Easily Shenzhen’s most beautiful bay, Xichong is known for its golden sand, surrounding scenery and clean water.

    • Dameisha Beach Park

      Thanks to its long beach and mountainous backdrop, Dameisha’s natural beauty has become a highlight for visitors to Shenzhen. With almost two kilometers of beach to explore, you’re sure to find your spot on the sand!

    • Wutong Mountain

      Shenzhen’s tallest mountain is located in Luohu, adjacent to the border with Hong Kong. Take a hike and discover stunning scenery, crisp air and incredible views.

    • The Netherlands Flower Town

      This sprawling park combines a dash of Dutch culture with China’s horticultural heritage. With distinctly European-style architecture - town squares, a windmill, and even a sculpture of a pair of clogs - the town is home to educational exhibitions, a science park and charming cafés. It’s also a great spot to pick up discount blooms!

    • Guanlan Print Village

      This traditional Hakka village is more recently known as a hub for artists and printmakers in particular. Situated in Bao’an District, it hosts artist residencies, exhibitions, studios and a print biennial.

    • OCT-Loft Creative Street Market

      A neighborhood in Overseas Chinese Town, OCT-Loft is home to regular art exhibitions, live music and hip cafés. Once a fortnight, it hosts a creative market where local artisans gather to sell everything from handcrafted jewelry, to artwork and toys.

    • Splendid China Folk Village

      Splendid China Folk Village presents an array of more than 100 scenarios and set-ups reflecting the history, culture and art of various nationalities, as well as of China's diverse ethnic groups. Experience all of China in just one day, thanks to small-scale replicas of the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Terracotta Army and more.

    • Shenzhen Museum

      With a collection of more than 20,000 artefacts including dinosaur fossils, relics of Shenzhen’s maritime history spanning the Neolithic Age to the Qing Dynasty, and a fascinating showcase of the area’s unique blend of Cantonese and Hakka folk traditions, Shenzhen Museum has something for every interest.

    • Shenzhen Music Hall

      Housed in stunning architecture by acclaimed Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, Shenzhen Museum Hall is a veritable cultural icon in the city thanks to its dramatic facade and world-class acoustics.

    • Guan Shanyue Art Museum

      Named after the renowned Chinese ink painter and educator Guan Shanyue (1912–2000), this sizeable museum is home to many of the artist’s own works, as well as those of his contemporaries.

    • He Xiang Ning Art Museum

      Built in 1394 during China’s Ming Dynasty to defend against Japanese pirates, this walled fortress became a town and today, is a compact village boasting beautifully preserved Chinese architecture which echoes the Hakka heritage.

    • Coco Park Bar Street

      With a range of pubs, bars and restaurants to suit most budgets and tastes, Coco Park is a fun choice for a night out.

    • Hua Qiang Bei

      From big brands to lesser-known labels, Hua Qiang Bei is the place to shop for all kinds of electronic goods.

    • Yantian Seafood Street

      Specializing in fresh seafood, Yantian Seafood Street diners can select from street-side tanks and have restaurants whip up a delicious Hakka or Chaozhou-style dish.

    • Mission Hills Golf Club

      Mission Hills Golf Club is the world’s largest golf course with a whopping 180 holes catering to players from all over the world.

    • Xian Hu Botanical Garden

      Literally translated as ‘Fairy Lake,’ these magnificent gardens are just as magical as its name suggests. All lush lawns and verdant greenery, the park features 3,000 species of plant across six main sections. The garden also boasts a temple, dragon pagoda and petrified forest. 

    • Dafen Oil Painting Village

      Having emerged in the late 1980s as an artists’ colony, the village’s narrow lanes are lined with artists and galleries, making Dafen a great spot to pick up a painting or two.

    • Dapeng Fortress

    • Essential Facts

      - Location: Shenzhen, China

      -Local time: GMT +8 hour

      - Climate:
      With a subtropical climate, Shenzhen enjoys year-round mild temperatures, with plenty of rainfall. Summers are comfortably hot, and typhoons are common during the period July to September.

      -Language: Mandarin and Cantonese

      - Electricity:
      220V/50Hz (US plug for 2-pin, Australian plug for 3-pin)

      Renminbi (人民币), literally ‘people's currency,’ also called Chinese Yuan(元). Its symbol is ¥. Credit cards are widely accepted, in particular Union Pay. ATM machines are located throughout the city, and both Alipay and WeChat wallet are increasingly available as payment options.

      Shenzhen is a shopping paradise, with plentiful options for souvenirs to take home. While bargaining in official outlets (department stores, malls, and the like) is generally not possible, in the city’s numerous markets remember to haggle hard!

      1. VAT/GST
      For the most part, marked prices of goods will already include Value-added Tax (VAT), as well as any sales tax.

      2. Gratuity & Tipping
      For services such as taxis, massages, restaurants and similar tipping is neither expected, nor commonplace. However, gratuities are always appreciated, and particularly appropriate for a tour guide or driver who has gone above and beyond.

      3. Business Hours
      For offices, the working week is Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off. The work day usually lasts from 8am until 6pm, with lunch generally taken any time between 11.30am and 1pm.

      4. Eating Out
      Whatever their budget, gourmands in Shenzhen can enjoy regional specialities, pan-China fare, and an array of international cuisines. For adventurous travelers, the city’s food streets and night markets are a particular treat.

      - Prohibited Imports: Poison and addictive drugs; forged currencies; weapons; most animal products and living animals. Visitors should consult the Chinese Embassy in their home country, and check

      5. Telephone Network
      China’s three carriers are China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, using TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, and CDMA2000 networks, respectively. Compatible SIM cards are widely available.

      6. Health
      With plenty of public and private hospitals and clinics, Shenzhen offers a range of healthcare options. At most public hospitals, Chinese language is essential - although several feature dedicated departments for foreigners with English-speaking staff. For over-the-counter medicines, pharmacies generally operate from 9am until 10pm. In health emergencies, call emergency services on 110.

      - Holidays in China:
      China enjoys numerous national holidays: New Year's Day, the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Qingming Festival (April), May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day (October). Dates vary, so do check in advance. Chinese New Year and National Day are peak travel times in China, so visitors are advised to plan their travel well ahead of time.

    • About Shenzhen

      A remarkable rise from sleepy fishing village to economic powerhouse has forged a city steeped in opportunities. The first Special Economic Zone to emerge after China's wide-reaching reforms post opening-up, Shenzhen’s Free Trade Zones of Qianhai, Futian and Yantian act as a magnet to facilitate international business. Its proximity to Hong Kong mean Guangdong’s second city enjoys a unique cultural milieu, direct access to two international airports, as well as several strategically positioned sea ports. 

    • From Railway

      Luohu Railway Station
      Travel Distance: Approximately 15.0 km

      By Taxi
      -Travel Time: 20 minutes

      City Bus
      - Travel Time: 75 minutes

      Take Bus #387 and get off at Yantian Bus Station Stop, followed by a walk of approximately 10 minutes.

    • From Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

      Travel Distance: Approximately 55.0 km

      By Taxi
      1. From Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport - Estimated 70 minutes

      By Airport Bus
      2. From Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport - Take Airport Bus #6 to the Yantian Bus Station, followed by a walk of approximately 10 minutes
      By Metro
      - Take Metro Line #11 to Futian Station, then change to Line #2 to Huang Bei Ling Stop. From there, take bus #e2 to Yantian District Government Stop


    Address: Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China

    No. 1015 Hai Jing Er Road,  Yantian District Shenzhen China

    Telephone: +86 755 8280 8888

    Fax: +86 755 8299 2828


    Address: Capri by Fraser, Shenzhen / China

    No. 1015 Hai Jing Er Road,  Yantian District Shenzhen China

    Telephone: +86 755 8280 8888

    Fax: +86 755 8299 2828


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